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Dewi Morgan

UK foods I miss...

UK foods I miss...

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Pasting this here from a comment elsewhere, because people sometimes ask me what I miss, or express some kind of assumption that all UK people eat is offal and cold toast.

You have Kinder Eggs. They are *illegal* here. You have Ribena - you can't get *any* kind of squash here. You have ice-cream vans if you can catch them, actual real tea that isn't some strange herbal infusion, decent curry, bread that isn't some kind of over-sugared travesty, kebabs, brown sauce, proper pancakes that aren't some kind of flat sponge, savoury French fried bread, custard (sorry Americans, you have custard all wrong), pasties, sausage rolls, Jaffa Cakes, Penguins, fizzy cola bottles, Code D'Or chocolate, HP sauce, Cadbury's Flakes, Worchester Sauce, christmas pudding, mince pies, lamb (can be had, but rare, here), fruit gums and jelly babies, Galaxy Caramel, lemon curd, Scotch eggs, Crunchie bars, curried mackerel (I miss this so much!), cheese & onion crisps, Marmite, mint Aeros, haggis, Turkish delight, Branston Pickle, Yorkshire puddings, Golden Syrup for making flapjacks (no *not* those pancakey things!), Bounty bars, instant gravy, crumpets, Bulmer's or Gaymer's perry, decent rashers of bacon instead of the 50% fat streaky things they have here, fish and chips that isn't made from a sandal-sole, toilet paper that's the right shape, any chocolate or cheese worthy of the name, digestives, HOBNOBS OH MY GOD I WOULD KILL FOR A DECENT HOBNOB IT DOESN'T EVEN HAVE TO HAVE CHOCOLATE ON I JUST WANT SOMETHING I CAN DUNK WITHOUT IT FALLING APART!
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